Our loaves are made the traditional way, with natural ingredients; stone-ground flour, charcoal-filtered water, salt, natural yeast and time. No industrial yeast, chemicals, flavouring or preservative are added at any stage

We developed a levain (natural leaven) in the early part of 2007 and refresh it regularly. We take a part of the levain to prepare a starter, which in turn is used to prepare the dough. We also incorporate a part of the previous days' dough in this process, which is called sourdough. The final rise is done in linen-lined baskets, then finally baked in a wood fired oven.

Sourdough has been used for 5000 years; traces of the 1st bakery dates back to 2900BC in Ancient Egypt during the Pharaonic Dynasty.

Bread baked this way is denser than those made with added yeast and takes longer to rise, during which time earthy, complex flavours develop, as well as the characteristic wood-fired taste.